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15 05 12 by Dean Hau

The Louis Vuitton Cup

The Louis Vuitton Cup


Designed for sailing enthusiasts as well as urbanites seeking a nautical style, the products in the new Louis Vuitton Cup collection are now available in ready-to-wear, leather goods, shoes and accessories. Each line, designed to the standards of excellence of the Maison, boasts technical subtleties inspired by the world of sailing: water and salt resistant, ease of movement, finely-worked finishing. The Louis Vuitton Cup signature is perfectly integrated in the product. The wealth of the offer allows everyone to find their ideal product, for a simple journey, occasional sailing or a regatta.





Practicality and durability are the key words of the Louis Vuitton Cupready-to-wear collection. A wide range of jackets, trousers, shorts, jumpers and polo shirts designed to meet the expectations of sportsminded urbanites or water sports enthusiasts. Five styles of jackets are available, from the sleeveless windbreak to the parka, to an ultra-light model made in down, perfect to fight against the cold. The trousers and the shorts have undergone a waterproofing treatment and are extremely lightweight. There are “anti-wind” pockets at the front and waterproof pockets at the back. Several models of jumpers, polo shirts and t-shirts complete this collection. Here, once again, practicality is the main trend, as shown by the removable collar on one of the jumpers.

All of the products have been designed to be waterproof, windproof and endure extreme conditions.













Leather goods

The Louis Vuitton Cup leather goods collection is available in three lines with unusual technical specificities. Products in the LV Cup Waterproof line are completely waterproof, even when completely immersed in water. This achievement was made possible thanks to a new canvas which was developed from waterproof components and a "high frequency" welding process. Bags in the LV Cup Damier Challenge line are particularly light and practical, which gives them a sporty, urban appeal. The waterproof canvas and zips protect the surface, in tandem with a stain repellent. Lastly, ingenuity reigns with the LV Cup Damier Adventure line. All the products in this line can be folded in over each other and tidied away in a case provided. This practicality allows travellers to slip them into another piece of luggage and unfold them as needed.


















The perfect combination of technical skill, comfort and sophistication, the Louis Vuitton Cup shoe collection reinvents the deck shoe. Every style offers qualities of exceptional resistance to the conditions encountered at sea: water, salt and sun. The outside of the shoe is made in Idrotech® certified leather, or perfectly waterproof ICQ. The breathable lining boasts Air-Tech technology: sewn in accordance with an alveolar structure, it lets out water and allows air to circulate, thus optimizing the drying process. The outer sole on the technical models (the "Technical Sneaker"), stamped with the Louis Vuitton logo, has been specially designed to provide great flexibility in movement without compromising the support or grip. Small lateral perforations also allow for the evacuation of water. The anatomic sole inside each shoe, composed of polyurethane, is simultaneously waterproof, flexible and light. Lastly, increased padding on the heel provides maximum comfort.

















Whether sailing enthusiasts or simply attracted to a nautical style, men will be drawn to the highly comprehensive range of accessories designed to accompany them in their everyday life or their leisure. The inoculars with Carl Zeiss optical lenses recreate an outstanding image and brilliant colours. Two pairs of glasses complete the collection. The first model, rendered in carbon which is light and strong, is designed to adapt to the morphology of the individual thanks to a unique nose-hinge system of unparalleled comfort. The lenses are specially treated and are at once polarizing (to reduce dazzle), photochromic (to adjust shade according to luminosity), non-reflecting and oleophobic (anti-water marks or finger marks). The second model of glasses, easy to wear on all occasions, has a light and flexible plastic structure, while guaranteeing comfort thanks to its adjustable nose. On this model, the lenses are also treated so they are non-reflecting and oleophobic.












New Louis Vuitton Cup logo

The new logo designed for the Louis Vuitton Cup reflects the modern and dynamic spirit of the competition. Inspired by the geometrical lines of the hulls and the wings of the boats taking part in the race, it succeeds in bringing together the colour codes of the seafaring world.


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