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Men’s Fashion Warsaw – Poland’s Emerging Fashion Talent

Men’s Fashion Warsaw – Poland’s Emerging Fashion Talent

“it’s a very exciting time for Poland creatively right now. I love it. People there have found their legs but are discovering who they are creatively. You can feel it”.

Such had been the response from a band member of a very well know music group who had not long been on tour there. It was a week before my departure, and standing in front of Vogue House. I had decided to ask him about Warsaw in general, having never been to Poland.

True enough, if you haven’t been, Warsaw is not what you might expect especially in terms of emerging men’s fashion design, that is to say, wearable yet original fashion design, fused with a feeling of Polish patriotism and at very reasonably price points to boot, not to mention pride at the recently established Academy of Fine Arts, now in Warsaw.

7th Man wanted to take a closer look at men’s fashion Warsaw, by reviewing three of Poland’s emerging fashion talents.


Mixed textiles, repeated design motifs and graphic design denote Joanna’s work. “I work around simple shapes and a limited colour palette” says Joanna, “like repetitive patterns on overload, with something very simple, like geometrical shapes. I’m inspired by textile, working around mixed media”

I asked Joanna about what she felt defined emerging talent in Warsaw right now:

“I think I would say the marriage between old and new, between tradition and craving new, being modern. We are very patriotic about our country and our city. We have a very strong history about our country and our city (Warsaw)”


One recurrent theme that seems to denote Warsaw’s emerging fashion talents is a focus on fine craftsmanship and quality in materials. This can be said of Mariusz Prybylski’s work where clean elegant linear silhouettes fused with intricate detailing denote his collections. Of his work, Prybylski describes his aesthetic as “modernist elements combined sculptured forms”. Shop online at http://www.mariuszprzybylski.com


If you’re looking for accessory items and leather goods, Ania Kuczyńska’s collection of totes and accessory, much like her main collections (both men’s and womenswear) take a modernist aesthetic but balance this with functional and well thought out ergonomic design. 7th Man's Editor’s Pick – her tote bag in black, available from her shop online for international shipping from http://WWW.ANIAKUCZYNSKA.COM .

Online store launches in the coming months.

Words by Dan Blake, Senior Fashion Editor at 7th Man

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